Xeno Tactic (Tower Defense)

Xeno TacticXeno Tactic is a Tower Defense game. It features 6 upgradable towers and 6 different maps. Creeps come in different varities like flyers, bosses, fast etc.

Put It In (Sports)

Put It In Put it in is a mini-golf game. You choose between one of 4 players and try to put the ball in the hole in as few hits as possible. You select the angle and the power of the hit with the mouse. The longer the yellow line between the ball and the mouse cursor is, the stronger will be your hit. The game features also a 2-player mode.


Jumpball (Arcade)

JumpballJumpball is a typical arcade game. You control a jumping ball hence the name 'Jumpball'. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the ball. Make your way through the levels by bouncing on floating platforms and against force fields. The game features several up- and downgrades to your ball as well.

Trapped (Escape the Room)

TrappedTrapped is the second Escape the Room game for today. The Author said this game will come in a triology, so this is only the beginning of it with more to come! A really decent Escape game with a big point 'n click part.

Esklavos (Escape the Room)

EsklavosEsklavos is an Escape the Room game. It's playable in both Spanish and English. You have to find out the right order of actions to solve this game.


SokoTank (Arcade, Shooter)


SokoTank lets you control a tank. Your tank drives automatically forward to the end of the level. You have access to two weapons, your main cannon and a machine gun. Your part is to blast away enemy soldiers on your way to the edge of the screen. If a soldier passes you, your tank will get blown apart. Ammo is limited and has to be collected by shooting down ammo crates from parachutes.

Hero (Off Topic)

I rarely do off topic posts. In fact the last one was the post that started this blog. I hope you can forgive me for beeing a bit offtoppy.
The reason for this post is the shiny new banner on top of the left navigation bar.
A project called 'Hero'. Now Hero wants us to question why in modern society the media are trying to talk us into believing the average 'hero' is usually male, white and violent. The Hero project airs the views of men, women and children who have experienced a different kind of heroism at home, at work, at war. If you want to take part in this project or share your opinion on this matter with others visit the banner or go directly to the page here.
I think this is a subject we should all have a thought into and maybe make a difference to turn the world into a better place to live in for all of us.

Roman Sanine Tower Defense (Tower Defense)

Roman Sanine Tower DefenseRoman Sanine Tower Defense is a Tower Defense game. The graphics are quite simple but they do their job. You have access to 5 different towers. There seems to be only one kind of creep that just gets more HP each wave. Towers are upgradable of course.

Bartender (Arcade)

BartenderBartender falls into the category of "serve them" games. You control a bartender and have to mix drinks for your customers by mixing liquids of different colors. After the customer has given you his or her order you have a limited timeframe to mix the cocktail or the customer leaves unhappy which costs you a life (I guess your boss fires you after x customers left without paying). To advance to the next level you have to earn a determined sum of money.


Toytown Tower Defense (Tower Defense)

Toytown Tower DefenseToytown Tower Defense is a pretty decent Tower Defense game. There are 4 different towers which can be upgraded by 7 levels. The towers need power in order to function so you need a (also upgradeable) powerplant. The tricky part of this game is that you also control one of three chosable characters that actively fire at enemies and power up your towers.

Science Room Escape (Escape the Room)

Science Room EscapeScience Room Escape is yet another Escape the Room game from the creator of Clubroom. More Point 'n Click than Esacpe the Room though.

Grow Knight Game (Puzzle)

Grow Knight GameGrow Knight Game is similar to the Grow Island game, but with less superior graphics and not as tricky. You basically have to find the correct order in which you have to use your items to defeat all the dragons.

Take a look at the comments for the correct order.


Escape from Octlien (Escape the Room)

Escape from OctlienEscape from Octlien is another Escape the Room game in the collection. It's origin is Japan but luckily the game has been translated into english.

Items are used by drag 'n drop and there is also a zoom function for the gathered items by moving them onto the 'check' button.

YinYang (Jump 'n Run, Puzzle)

YinYangYinYang is a nice little Jump 'n Run with Puzzle elements. You control 2 characters and have to bring both of them to the end of the level. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Press space to swap between the characters. Hold down ctrl while moving to push boxes. The game comes with 25 levels.


Vector Tower Defense (Tower Defense)

Vector Tower DefenseVector Tower Defense is not just another Tower Defense game. This game has started it all. It has been developed by the guy who created the TD game Desktop Tower Defense, so this one is the predecessor to the mother of all Tower Defense Games that defined a whole new genre of Flash Games!